Email failure and other to do items

by dimikagi

Trying to get posting via email to work with little success.  Need to keep working on it.

In the mean time, I just finished off an internal session on integrating two of our products (QAS and QPM4U) and it went well . . . at least I think it did.  Its hard to tell anything on muted live meetings where you’re talking to everyone and no one . . .

I plan on publishing in a public version of that walk through shortly.

Also on my plate, I owe the following to various people:

– Managing VSJ service account settings via ActiveRoles Server and PowerShell

– Duplicating accounts in AD, but using Quick Connect to avoid the mess caused by your normal AD copy.  Controlling and suppressing attributes is key.

– QPM integration with Defender and some unique use cases for a large retailer

– A sample PowerShell script (or two) for GPM

Any takers on any of these?

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