PowerGUI is Super Cool!

by dimikagi

If you haven’t checked it out yet, see the PowerGUI site at http://www.powergui.org/ .  What lead me to posting the subject of this post, though?  Here’s an excerpt of an edited email I sent internally:


It dawned on me how cool it is just now.  Here’s my current scenario – I volunteered to help with some PS scripting for Group Policy Manager thinking, “How hard can it be?  Its just another scripting language, so having worked with bash, perl, python, ASP and lots of other junk, it can’t be much different than any of those.” I installed GPM 4.1, and then googled for:

“group policy manager” powershell

And got led to this:


After downloading the zip, and following the instructions, . . .  I get nothing.  I can now open a PS window, initialise the script, but there’s no other documentation so I don’t know what to do next.  Get-help doesn’t have anything useful since I have nothing but 1 string ($VCManager) to work with.  After thinking about things, I realise all I need is PowerGUI, and its code editor, so after installing it, I am now getting this:

PowerGUI Screenshot
click for full view



So the funny thing is that this is nothing new.  The whole IntelliSense thing has been around for years, and I remember using back in the early 2000s when I did development, but I don’t think most people (admins, SCs, etc) realise what a benefit this is.  I don’t really need documentation with this if I know what I’m doing, code-wise.  Just look – if I want to know how to check in a GPO, the code it right there!

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