Oracle buys Sun

by dimikagi

And the press release cites ‘disk’ (hardware), Java and Solaris as the main drivers for the deal.

Which, for those of us in IDM and security space start to wonder – what about IDM?  Well, as others have already pointed out, IDM is an afterthought.  Which ought to make for an interesting year with the 2 orgs merging.  In the one corner, you have an aggressive, sales- and revenue-oriented company.  In the other corner, you have a techie haven that comes up with cool stuff, but is awful at actually running a business.

And what a mess this whole thing will cause.  Its safe to say that Sun had the superior software in the IDM space, though Gartner (who just take surveys & watch product demos but don’t actually install anything) and a few others will disagree.  But Oracle is sure to try and extend the reach of OID, OVD and all the other O* products, probably at the expense of Sun installation.  There is very little need for 2 Directories, 2 Meta-Directories, 2 App Servers, and 2 of everything else.

It will be interesting to see what shakes out in the end.

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