Demo: Additional Demos

by dimikagi

Here’s a list of some other recorded demos that are currently residing on, but tucked away.  Instead of keeping the links to myself, I figured it would be easier to post them all up.  Most do not have audio so don’t be alarmed.  Enjoy.

First, some Defender demos – there is no audio on these and the titles should be self explanatory:


Next, are some demos of Quest’s ESSO product.  The first one is pretty quick, and has no audio:

This next one shows integration between Quest’s ESSO, and the ActiveRoles Server Quick Connect module where a user is created from a CSV file and then the same user logs into Windows, registers with ESSO and is able to get SSO to the app afterwards:

There are then a bunch of VAS videos, again with no audio:

People often have questions on what the VAS install looks like on the mac – here are 2 videos of that:

Here is VAS’ self-enrollment feature on Solaris 10:

Barry G also did some recordings for the Java Single Sign-On Product, VSJ here:

(I particularly like Petstore since it was my idea – 😀 )

Paul H recorded a really slick (but poor in audio) demo of using Quest InSync to reset a Lotus Notes password (including the file!):

Finally, there’s a pretty long (30 minute) video of configuring Webthority with a fictitious site called ‘SkySurf.’  This was done for internal consultants, but may be helpful if you’re looking to see how to configure Webthority:

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