ActiveRoles 6.5 Self Service Manager

by dimikagi

In ARS 6.5, we really beefed up the end-user self-service functionality. It is really, really slick, and people that see it really like what it offers their end users. I’ve made numerous recordings of it, but none really come out to a satisfactory result. And it has nothing to do with our product.

This is because I’ve been struggling with converting from Camtasia for Windows to Camtasia for Mac. The two products are miles apart, and its the last bit of my ‘toolkit’ that I need to re-learn on the Mac. And, of course, the 2 products do not even produce videos in the same format, so I’ve had to re-record everything, and learn all the new controls.

With all of that, if the video is not to your liking, there’s not much I can do right now. It’s late, and I have a deadline, so here is a 6+ minute video of the Self Service Manager functionality (note that there is no audio but some text I’ve put in to highlight what is happen whilst I re-learn Camtasia):

As always, comments and feedback is always appreciated.


mike_C June 1, 2010 at 19:45

We’ve tried this- it’s ok but did not pass SOX / PCI compliance requirements. The solution offered by called Password Reset PRO Self Service for Active Directory is superior in all aspects, and is extremely secure for extranet deployment. Not only that, but the product gives you three different access modes to deploy for the users- not just one mode like everyone else’s product.

dimikagi June 1, 2010 at 20:08

Except everything I show here has nothing to do with password resets. That’s a different Quest product that is completely unrelated to this. BTW, that product has a ton of other security features, and I suggest you google for it. Its called Quest Password Manager.

Also, if you want SOX & PCI compliance, you should check out some of the Attenstation features of the Self Service product that cover this exact scenario. If you truly tried it and couldn’t meet PCI/SOX requirements, then ping me offline and I can give you a hand.

It’s interesting when a CEO of a competing tools company takes to using an alias to promote his product on a random blog site, eh, Kurt?

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