WordPress Upgrade

by dimikagi

Once again, I decided to use the ‘Upgrade Automatically’ option, and once again it failed me. This time, it was going to WordPress 3.0. And then updating a theme afterwards.

It looks like everything succeeded (as far as I can tell) except for the last step. I upgraded to 3.0 with no incident, but then I had some goofy theme that I should probably just remove, and it bit me in the backside. It turns out that WordPress now has an automatic ‘maintenance mode’ which is enabled by dropping a file called .maintenance into the WordPress root. With this file, no one can do anything on the site (including get into the admin site).

Thankfully, Google saved the day, but, man . . . what a nuisance. I had to log into the web site file management system, and then delete that .maintenance file.  Not a big deal, I know, but it shouldn’t work like this.  I should be able to do it from the WordPress Dashboard.  And, yes, I should have read the release notes and such. But who does that? Seriously? I do it for a living, and the last thing I need is for my personal software.

I really wish more people read About Face by Alan Cooper.

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