I’m an Identity Management and Security specialist currently working for a software company.  You can also follow me on Twitter and see my profile on LinkedIn.  And in most places, where you see ‘dimikagi,’ there’s a good chance its me. But maybe not – that is definitely one of the identity problems on the internet.  How do you assert your identity on the internet . . .?  I guess that’s a topic for a post at some point.

You may also find me on Facebook, but don’t bother to friend me unless I actually know you and would have a beer with you.  That site (in my mind) is for the personal side, and not something I wish to share with the world.  In fact, my policy has gotten stricter lately and I can only count 1 current co-worker as a friend (having dropped several in favour of keeping work and personal lives separate).  You can also check out my Flickr Photostream though some of the pics are private, and the same rules apply as Facebook.

Anyway, I currently reside in London, UK, but hail from Atlanta, GA and will one day head back, mostly depending on the work situation.  I consider myself a New Yorker, though, since I grew up in Valley Stream (right next door to the Snapple building!).  I’m married, and have a few kids . . . I’m fascinated by Stonehenge and Black Holes.  I like the bad auditions on reality shows.  There are other quirks, but I don’t need to go into them here.  Enjoy the blog and drop me an email (at dimikagi –at– idmwizard.com) if you got this far.